Greetings, My name is Aretha Reid, I am a Self love/Relationship Coach for singles. I became a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with Life Coach Philly in May 2014. I joined the RCI in November 2015, and became Licensed by the Relationship Coaching Institute. My focus is to introduce each of you to your first love (yourself). Learning self awareness and acceptance brings you clear perception of your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, needs, strengths, and challenges.

Some may feel their worth is validated through their career, talent, brains, beauty, and their circle of peers. Ask yourself if you would ever loose any of these abilities, how would you see yourself? Does your life have no meaning, are you now worthless? I am passionate about exploring the journey which will allow you to learn to love, and accept yourself unconditionally with every flaw and imperfections that make you unique.
What opportunities have you given up, and what dreams have you put on hold due to lack of confidence? With my life experience and training you can work to overcome self doubt and limiting beliefs, and live life with a purpose.

Gain the freedom of loving yourself into conscious dating, and attract the love of your life.